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Khatam Al-Quran

Our huffaz will finish the the holy Quran on 27th Night of Ramadan that is on Monday 11 June, 2018. We will have Khatam Al-Quran dua at the end of Taraweeh prayer in-sha'Allah. Please join us with your family and friends for this blessed night.

Tahajjud Prayer

We will have Tahajjud prayer on last 10 days of Ramadan @ 3:30 am . Sheikh Mahmood Talal from Egypt will lead the salat. Then there will be arrangement for Suhoor every morning @ 4:15 am - 4:45 am in-sha'Allah

Fundraiser Bake Sale

Our Sunday School students are organizing a BAKE sale for raising some funds for the sake of Allah (sw).

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Importance of Laylat Al-Qadr

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