Monthly Support Team

" What is small yet constant, is better than what is plenty but abrupt."

Just as a little drop of water creates a ripple effect so can your small and regular donation.
A suggested monthly contribution of $30 will begin the ripple effect insha'Allah !

Please click this link to download the form

Once you have filled up & completed all the details, please take a photo or scan the paper and

send back to us on


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Can I change another day for the funds to be withdrawn from my account?
Yes, Just send us an email to . We will change to the day you requested for.

2) Can I cancel my automatic contributions?
Yes, all you need to do is just send us an email to, allowing us at least 2 weeks time to act on that notification. Your request will be carried out promptly insha’Allah without any question asked.

3) What is the suggested monthly contribution amount?
To support our non-profit organization, Al Amin Center of Florida suggests a contribution of at least
$200 a month. However, we understand that every household is different. You are always welcome with
what is affordable to you. The minimum amount that we are able to process with this form each month is $30.

4) How are donations tracked? Will statement be available?
All donations are tracked through our Office Al Amin Center of Florida ensures that your donations
are tax deductible; therefore, you may also request that a contribution statement be mailed to you at any time during the year. Your request will be processed within 7-business days insha’Allah.

5) How my donations will be used?
It will be known as Sadaqah Lillah. It is charity that is given to a organization to cover operational expenses such as utilities and facility maintenance.

6) What I need to do if I would like to pay by check or checking/savings account?
Please fill up the ‘checking/savings account only’ portion or you can attach a voided check along with filled up completed form.