Financial Aid

ACF is dedicated to providing education to all, regardless of financial ability. In accord with this philosophy, we have established a limited scholarship fund for our programs. We request those who can afford to donate to do so. For those who cannot afford the program fees and tuition, we ask that they follow the following protocol in seeking financial aid:

1. Community Aid/Sponsorship
The ACF student should first seek out help from the local community. He or she should approach their local mosque, community center, community organization, and/or the Muslim Students’ Association chapter in their area. The student should also try local Muslim businesses as well as wealthy individuals. The student does not need to raise money for himself or herself. They can raise money for a direct sponsorship of a seat at an ACF program. ACF will then grant that sponsorship to the student responsible for soliciting it. Whenever possible the student should try to convince the person or entity to establish a recurring sponsorship with ACF so that other students will be able to attend in the future without hindrance. If anybody is interested in establishing such a sponsorship they should contact

2. Periodic Payment Plan/Deferred Payment
If, after a good-faith effort, the ACF student cannot find enough community support then he or she is eligible to apply for a periodic payment plan whereby the total payment of the tuition and fees will be split up over predetermined periods, to be paid in full by a certain date. This plan usually requires a minimum deposit in order to cover basic fees such as food. The student should pay all tuition and fees whenever he or she is able, regardless of the original payment schedule. Such plans are determined on a case-by-case basis and requires the student to fill out a financial aid form.

3. Reduced Tuition
If the student is unable to fulfill the tuition and fee obligations through the options above, ACF will consider a tuition reduction. ACF’s policy is not to give full scholarships as the student would normally have to pay for room and board regardless of attendance at an ACF program. Determinations are made with strict scrutiny and confidentiality. A student is required to fill out the scholarship form.

Note: You must first have applied to the Summer Program prior to submitting the Financial Assistance Form below.


This scholarship application is for those wishing to attend the ALIM Summer Program. There are a limited number of scholarships available so please make sure your answers are thoughtful and reflective. Students who demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm and interest in the program will only be considered for a scholarship.