New Muslim Services

What is New Muslim Support?

Islam is the fastest growing religion in US, and every day there are 100’s of new people accepting Islam as the way of life and embark on a journey of learning, self-improvement and spirituality.

In some cases, the community, family and friends are supportive, which helps in an easy and smooth transition. Nevertheless, for most the transition is quite challenging, arduous and burdensome.

On an average we have 2 people taking Shahadah at our center every month. We are here to help new muslims with a stronger understanding of Islam, educating on the basic fundamentals of Islam, teaching how to pray and everything that we can do to ease your transition into Islam so that you can become the best version of yourself.

For new muslim support, please fill the form below, we will guide you from there.

Once you submit the form, someone from our center will reach out to you, and schedule a 1:1 time with you and organize your Shahadah ceremony and provide a Gift Box which will include a Quran, Prayer mat, How to Pray, Clear your Doubts about Islam, and a book on Biography of Prophet Mohammad pbuh.

Welcome Package Mentoring Classes – Coming soon

If you are a new Muslim and need support, please fill the form below

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